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Chemical Packages

Sending Research Samples by Courier
Strict rules govern the transportation of research samples by post. Some materials may need to be packaged and labelled in a specific manner to comply with Dangerous Goods Regulations and some materials may be entirely prohibited. Several staff members have completed training courses allowing them to act as a dangerous goods safety adviser (DGSA) and authorise shipments of research chemicals.

If you wish to send a package containing research samples, contact Varrie Ogilvie (vco3), copying in Kevin Jones (kj34) and provide the following details:

  • Description of the sample(s) to be shipped (please include structures if appropriate)
  • Total weight of the chemicals / materials
  • Where the package is to be sent (i.e. what country is the package being sent to?)

This information will allow the DGSA to make an informed assessment and determine if any special restrictions need to be followed.

Information for the Courier
You will be contacted by the DGSA to confirm the package can be sent. This information will also be passed to the “Chem-Packages Team” who will help arrange collection by courier. To arrange collection, the Chem-Packages Team require the information listed in the document below. Please send this information to [email protected]. The Chem-Packages Team will produce a label that can be attached to the parcel (see full details in the document below).

Information Required by Courier & Instructions for Posting Packages

The flow chart below allows you to quickly assess the requirements a specific package may require. It may be useful to assess your samples ahead of contacting the DGSA, however, if you are in any doubt please contact Kevin Jones in the first instance.

Dangerous Goods – Flow Chart

Radioactive Samples
Radioactive materials need a special assessment only available through EHSS. Please contact Kevin Jones (kj34) for further assistance.