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First Aid

Serious Injuries
In the event of a serious injury requiring immediate medical attention, call an ambulance on 999
(dial 9-999 if calling from a University landline)

Minor Injuries
In the event of an accident / injury:
1. Remove the injured person from immediate danger, if safe to do so
2. Contact a trained First-Aider who can administer First Aid and advise if referral to the Minor Injuries Unit at St Andrews Community Hospital is required

First-Aider Contact Details

First-Aid Kit Locations
First-Aid Kits can be found on each floor of the Purdie Building close to the entrance of the main stairwell (see picture below). If you require access to First-Aid supplies before a First-Aider arrives, please use as required.

Location of Automatic External Defibrilator (AED)
The School of Chemistry has an AED located near the main entrance. The AED device is housed within a signposted cupboard as shown below. If you suspect someone is suffering a medical event involving their heart (i.e. a heart attack), it is important to act swiftly. You should call for an ambulance and retrieve the AED device (or send another person to retrieve the AED on your behalf).