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Out-of-Hours Working

The normal working hours for the School of Chemistry are Monday to Friday between 08:00 – 18:00, however, research carried out in the department frequently requires access outside normal working hours. Work conducted “out-of-hours” is subject to local departmental rules that are outlined below.

Signing In & Signing Out

All persons working in the Purdie Building:

  • On Saturday or Sunday
  • Monday – Friday; before 07:30 and after 18:30

must sign-in / sign-out by completing an on-line form. Sign-in / sign-out data is used to determine if anyone is in the building in the event of an emergency evacuation, so it is vital that you log when you enter and exit the building.

The on-line form can be accessed by (i) clicking the link below or (ii) scanning the QR codes displayed throughout the building. 


Example of the QR code for sign-in /out (Printable versions of the QR codes can be accessed here)

Buddy System

If you are working in a laboratory outside normal hours, you must arrange for another person (a “buddy”) to be in the immediate vicinity to regularly check on your safety. Your “buddy” must be either a PhD student or staff member.

Laboratory Work Outside Normal Hours

Potentially hazardous operations must never be performed outside normal hours. These include the use of pyrophoric, highly toxic, potentially explosive or poisonous substances. Work involving a serious risk of fire must also not be conducted outside normal hours.

Security & Response

In the event of an accident or similar incident occurring outside normal working hours, please contact Security & Response in the first instance. Security & Response can be contacted on 01334 468999. They are available 24 hours a day. Yellow posters displaying Security & Response contact details are displayed throughout the department.