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Eye Protection

Eye protection is mandatory in any laboratory:

  • Where chemicals, vacuum systems or high-pressure systems are in use.
  • That has an eye-protection sign displayed on the door.

Reading Glasses & Contact Lenses

Reading glasses should not be worn as a substitute for laboratory safety glasses as they do not offer sufficient protection against impact or accidental exposure to chemicals. If you wear glasses, you should wear additional safety glasses over the top. Alternatively, you can contact Kevin Jones (kj34) regarding prescription safety glasses.

Contact lenses present a serious hazard in the laboratory since any chemical entering the eye may penetrate behind the lens and be difficult to wash out. The wearing of contact lenses in laboratories is strongly discouraged. Anyone who wears contact lenses must inform Kevin Jones (kj34).

Face Shields

If you are working with chemicals that have the potential to spray / splash (e.g. concentrated acids such as “aqua regia”), a face shield should be worn to protect both eyes and face.