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Special Chemical Waste

Special Waste & Laboratory Smalls
Chemical waste that cannot be disposed of via any alternative waste stream and must be collected by an external contractor; this is termed “special waste”.
If you are unsure whether a given waste item is classified as “special waste”, please contact Kevin Jones (kj34) for assistance.

It is difficult to provide an exhaustive list of special waste, however, a handful of examples are shown below:

  • Aqueous solutions containing metals (e.g. nickel solutions from affinity chromatography, aqueous osmium / selenium waste, acidic solutions containing transition-metal waste)
  • Aqueous solutions containing hazardous organics (e.g. hydrazine, 4-nitrophenol)
  • Solids containing metal impurities (e.g. research samples containing transition metals, celite contaminated with metal catalysts)
  • Research chemicals that have degraded or been stored for an extended period of time
    (“Laboratory smalls” – chemicals in a jar / bottle that would routinely be used in a lab)

Disposal Procedure
Once you have confirmed with Kevin Jones that the waste needs to be removed by an external contractor:

  1. Complete a special waste label (available from stores) and attach to the waste container.
    (Special waste labels are not required for clearly identifiable commercial chemicals)
  2. Determine the “HP code(s)” for your waste item(s). Instructions on how to do this can be found HERE.
  3. Complete the special waste submission form (complete a new form for each item).
  4. Place the container in the special waste drop-off area (see picture below). Please contact [email protected] or [email protected] for the access code if required
  5. The paperwork for collection by an external waste contractor will be submitted on your behalf.

Bulk Removals
In the event that a large number of special waste items need to be collected at the same time (e.g. during a laboratory move, destruction of legacy chemicals), please contact Kevin Jones (kj34) directly to discuss how to complete the relevant paperwork.