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General Laboratory Waste


General waste refers to common laboratory items such as:

  • Paper towels used to clean surfaces / absorb spillages
  • Used plastic syringes (should be separated and washed if required)
  • Used weighing boats
  • Used disposable gloves
  • Container lids / caps

General laboratory waste should be placed into the clear plastic bins present in each laboratory.

The following items MUST NOT be placed in general laboratory waste bins:

  • Glass / broken glass
  • Sharps (disposable needles)
  • Liquids
  • Biological waste
  • Domestic waste (e.g. drinks bottles, food wrappers)

Note: Placing cardboard and polystyrene packing material in the laboratory waste bins should be avoided when possible.
This waste should be placed in an appropriate bin in the general waste store.

Disposal Procedure
General laboratory waste will be removed on your behalf. If a bin becomes full and has not been removed after a 24-hour period,
please contact [email protected] and this will be removed as soon as possible.