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Sharps Waste

Sharps Bins

Disposable needles are widely used in chemistry laboratories for transferring small amounts of reagents / solvents. The low cost make the use of disposable needles particularly attractive, however, as they are designed for injection beneath the skin in a medical setting, they pose a significant hazard to health if not disposed of correctly.

  • Disposable needles should NEVER be placed in domestic or general laboratory waste bins.
  • Disposable needles must be placed in a sharps bin immediately after use. 

Preparing a Sharps Bin

  • Ensure the lid is pressed down firmly until it “snaps” onto the body of the container.
  • This may require considerable force so is best carried out when the sharps bin is empty.

Removal of Disposable Needles from Syringe

  • Push-fit needles can be removed from a syringe by using the notches on the sharps bin lid.
  • Twist-fit disposable needles (luer-lock) can be removed with a pair of tweezers.
  • If you cannot remove the needle from the syringe safely, both the needle and syringe can be placed in the sharps bin.

Disposal Procedure

When the sharps container is full:

  • Close the sliding compartment within the slid until it clicks shut
  • Ensure the lid is securely attached to the body of the container
  • Ensure the outside of the container is clean and free of chemical residues
  • Write the research group name on the outside of the container
  • Deliver the sharps bin to the special waste store. Contact [email protected] to arrange access.